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Rancho La Patera & The Stow House Venue | Santa Barbara Wedding

Alisha & Ozzie are extremely special to us! We always say we’re not afraid to fall in love with our couples (our adaption from Annie Lebovitz), but we felt so tight with them that we literally shoot other people’s weddings with these two…that’s real friendship lol (if you know us, you know we don’t typically like shooting with second shooters)! Also, it’s not just anyone we would be willing to drive out a day early just to scout out their location. But holy cow, Rancho La Patera and The Stow House just outside of Santa Barbara is such a cool venue to have your wedding at! It’s all outdoors since it’s a museum and historic building, but it’s about a mile from the beach so the weather is perfect! If you like to nerd out on history this place is brimming with it! As you can tell from the photos their bridal party was freaking awesome AND they’ve all been getting engaged (be on a lookout for their weddings coming this year)! ANYWAYS, we’re so thankful for the moments we got to witness to at this wedding – it was beautiful how God was glorified throughout their entire day!

One of the most meaning full things about their wedding was praying at Stow House with a “first touch” or “first prayer” instead of doing a first look! When they first touch hands around the corner of the building you can feel the butterflies and the anticipation was palpable! Their pastor prayed over them as they step into this commitment and it was powerful….JUST GO LOOK AT THE PICTURES. I can’t do it justice. After you see this gallery, go check the Linville Gorge elopement in North Carolina that convinced Ozzie to book with us!